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From the introduction to "When Brothers Dwell:"

When Brothers Dwell in Unity is the first comprehensive study of all aspects of what we call "homosexuality" in the context of Byzantine Christianity. Some of the material to be examined will be familiar to many readers. Other sources will be recognized by a smaller number. All the sources investigated will be familiar to at least a few because the responses of Byzantine Christian society to suspicious sexual relationships have been available, in a variety of forms, but no one has put them all together in one study before now:

"In this work of haute vulgarization, which does not rely on unpublished evidence, I present new interpretations by stressing formerly little used material, both ancient and modern…. Specialists, who will perceive the originality of my interpretations, will, of course, recognize that my evidence, all of which is published, is available to all seekers of knowledge in this field." (William Armstrong Percy III, Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece, pp. 5, 11.)

I will be adding blog posts here as we draw closer to the time of the book's release and to chronicle its reception by both scholars and the public thereafter. I hope you will pre-order the book now or plan to attend an event to make its release and by a copy then!

I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone who is concerned with the issues raised in When Brothers Dwell in Unity.

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