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It's almost here!

Ta-da! I got the PDF of the manuscript of the book in mid-December to proofread for typos and to compile the index. Wow! It looks great and there were not that many typos or other corrections to make -- I can't imagine waiting to make major corretions at this stage of the manuscript preparation, but I guess some authors do!

I was able to compile the index in 2 stages: I made a first draft of the index using the "search" function of the PDF (not unlike a Word document), using notes I had put together a few months ago of words/subjects I thought should be indexed. Then I was able to add subjects/words to the index as I profread each page of the manuscript and I found other words/subjects that I had not thought of but realized might be helpful to have in the index.

The manuscript is scheduled to go to the printer during this first full week of January and McFarland tweeted out today that the book is now available for sale on their bookshelf (website). HUZZAH!

Can the BOOK LAUNCH be far behind?


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